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We offer the Most Awarded State Of The Art Alarm System Is Available At Competitive Prices.

Ajax is a completely wireless, state of the art alarm system that is fully setup and controlled via the Ajax mobile app for Android and IOS devices. It’s never been easier to own an alarm system. The Ajax app turns your security system into one easy-to-manage device; arming and disarming with a few taps, turn appliances on before getting home, open gates and garage doors, control pool pumps, geysers and lights from anywhere in the world. Receive instant notifications directly to your mobile device and includes a GEO panic facility whereby the exact location of the panic will be displayed on a map.

Ajax detectors are state of the art and monitor for burglary, fire and flood. Due to the SmartDetect digital algorithm and multi factor detection models, the detectors accurately determine when an intrusion has occurred and filters false alarms.

AJAX( Award Winner) Alarm System And Accessories.

Secure home and business


Peace of mind with essential                          protection

24/7 alarm monitoring

✅Security monitoring equipment

✅Monitored fire, flood 
✅Carbon monoxide detection

✅Professional installation



         Stay in control with
           home automation
Alarm installation
✅CCTV installation

Most advanced equipments
Secure Home and Business

Remote arm and disarm

Smart home controls

Customizable alerts,
schedules and automations


        Keep an eye out with video                          security

Record to Cloud or SD
Smart Home Alarms/CCTV

Security cameras

Live stream from mobile devices

Record and save video clips

Fully licensed security company for all your security needs.

High Quality Products, And Services

Smart Devices

Indoor WI-FI IP Security Cameras

Outdoor WI-FI IP Security Cameras

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