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NOW AVAILABLE AT SMART SECURITY SYSTEMS, With a dual-lens system, the  AI-powered camera boasts vivid color images, even at night. A commercial-grade camera, the camera has high night vision performance in 1,080p HD quality. Embedded with an always-free AI Deep Learning algorithm that detects humans and vehicles, it’s a smart way to protect your home or business. Plus, it has an active defense system with a siren and strobe light to ward off intruders. And it minimizes false alerts, too. This way you can feel safe knowing you’ll get accurate notifications when people or vehicles appear in specified areas. Built for the outdoors, it has IP67 dust and water protection. Another cool feature is that it offers customizable voice alerts, so you can both greet guests and deter unwanted visitors. Boasting H.265 video compression technology, this AI-powered camera stores more data and helps you get faster response times when you need it.

AI-powered camera provides incredibly vivid, colorful nighttime images

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