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 Product Description:                                                      

1. Built-in lithium battery powered by solar energy.
2. Work as a live/standalone alarm host, wireless siren or wired siren.
3. Total 30 wireless defense zones and remote controllers.
4. Get two wired zones, can work with two wired detectors or wired alarm system.
5. Alarm with both voice prompts and quick flash strobe.
7. One-key-control function: Remote control to Arm/emergency alarm/disarm

Technical Parameter:
1. Power supply: DC 3.7V (3.7V/400mAh rechargeable lithium ion battery)
2. Max output current from solar panel: 5V/150mA
3. Max alarm current: ≤170mA; 4. Wireless receiving distance: ≥100m
5. Ambient Humidity: ≤80% (no freezing);  6. Standby current: ≤1mA
7. Standby period: ≥15days; 8. Wireless receiving frequency: 315MHz/433MHz
9. Operating temperature: -30~70℃; 10. Wired defense zones: 2 zones(Z0,Z1)
11. Anti-tamper: 1 (TMP); 12. Outline size: 262*195*61mm
13. Wireless defense zones: Total 30 with alarm panel, accessories and remotes together.

Outdoor wireless strobe siren solar powered with red flash light 110db.