✅AX Samson is a small size electronic safe that is ideal for providing basic security to your more important things.

✅Store valuables and important documents, keeping them out of reach from all unauthorized individuals.

✅The safe features a digital locking system which allows you to choose between a 3 to 8 digit security code from practically limitless combinations, which can be re-programmed and changed as often as you like. Perfect if you want to give a one time access to the safe, but then change the security code again.

✅A security key is added, in case you happen to forget your security code, or if the devices batteries are depleted.



✅Electronic lock with 3 - 8 digit security code

✅Double-bolt locking

✅Opening via numerical code or manually by a key

✅Product Dimensions: 32.2 x 24 x 21.4 cm

✅Weight: 4.6 Kg

✅Batteries: 4x AA batteries

✅Security Code can be reprogrammed at your convenience

✅Security key added

✅Solid steel construction

✅Light and audio signalization when entering security code

✅low battery warning

✅Keypad lock after 3rd incorrect security code is entered.

SAMSON Electronic Safe with Keypad.