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What is Police certification and licensing?

Police certification is a necessary procedure where a security services provider submits the necessary paperwork and guarantees regarding their service and excellence.

The security services provider also submits all information pertinent regarding their employees, including background checks, the current status of citizenship, and police clearance certificates. This ensures that the providers not only have a Good Character certification that has been checked and verified by the local police authorities but also have made known all the business’ parameters and activities.


SMART SECURITY SYSTEMS is FULLY  Certified and Licensed by the Cyprus Police (License number IR/1667).

This is an important process which ensures that clients can trust their security services provider’s integrity and work ethic.


Peace of mind does not only stem from excellent technology in terms of hardware and software, but also from the impeccable nature of the experts and operators running them.

When your security service provider has been police certified and licensed, like Smart Security Systems is, you can rest easy that you are relying on partners with high reliability and full transparency in their manner of operations.

Navigate to the updated link to find out about licensed security companies in your area:

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