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Important Security Tips that can literally save you hundreds of Euros!!!!!

No matter if you want a high-tech security system or take a more common-sense approach, such as a Wifi IP camera, these security tips will help you achieve peace of mind, no matter what type of budget you have.

Security Systems Have Changed

Most security systems are not set up any longer where the alarm goes off and the police are called. With today’s wireless technologies, smart phones and mobile apps, things have changed a lot. Security systems (such as the use of a wifi IP camera) can give you peace of mind when you are away from home or business.

Building a Security System

Many of the systems consist of hardware with specialized sensors and video cameras. The newer systems can be connected to central monitoring stations. New software platforms allow you to send commands, program home systems, view surveillance video and receive alerts on your smart phone or computer.

When shopping for a system, it is important to review software platforms. A wireless connection to the monitoring station will make it immune to power outages or if someone were to cut the cable. You also want to choose a reputable dealer, such as Smart Security System. All the systems or cameras you buy from us will be installed with your presence, we will teach you how to use the App on your phone or the software on the computer that would make you more knowledgeable about how it works.

Wireless hardware is much easier to install than wired components. Many people like to get systems or cameras that are wireless because of how easy the systems are able to be installed. Also, with the use of these wireless systems and cameras, if you move, you can simply take the system and camera with you without much work at all. One thing to look for in a system or camera is one that has a long battery life. Lithium sensor batteries can last three to five years. Smart systems will require a subscription to a third-party alarm monitoring service.

Cost for Security Systems

There are a few different costs that you need to keep in mind when shopping for a security system or for an IP camera. The first thing is for the actual equipment. The second thing is price how much is it going to cost you for the installation of the equipment. You can literally save yourself hundreds of Euros if you think about the monthly service charge that can include fees for the software and the central station monitoring or emptying your DVR as well as changing the batteries for your own alarm system “BIG JOKE”. If you want a monitoring system that will give you peace of mind, the best way to go is to get Wifi IP cameras or/and smart alarm system depending on the requirements of your property . Call us at 97801317 or visit our showroom for a free demo so you can get a better vision. Find us @

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