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Security after quarantine: home and office defensive

Quarantine has made many think about security. After all the crisis leads to a crime rate in any way. Already we get alert signals about significant theft rates from our friends and partners. Every day more and more offices and apartments are left without supervision, replenishing the list of potential goals for criminals. Some advice from SMART SECURITY SYSTEMS

  • Pay particular attention to the front door. It should be made of thick sheet metal, with hidden loops and the most reliable lock.

  • Set the door lock alarm. The alarm works like this: miniature switches are installed in the lock holes in the door frame, and connected to the sensor. When trying to open the lock, the switch button is depressed, and the sensor raises the alarm — the sirens turn on and a notification is sent to users. The system will detect thieves even before they enter the room. !

  • For private houses, secure the perimeter of our territory. Replacing concrete fences and barbed wire comes to an effective security system with smart security detectors.

  • Install video surveillance cameras are an important element of security, especially for retail and office premises, as well as the territory of the house. The very presence of video surveillance discourages thieves, being an indicator that the object is under vigilant protection. If they nevertheless take risks, then the cameras will at least record their actions, and ways of penetration. Also, with proper installation, the identity of the offender will be established.

  • Set up and plan a night security mode. Even if they enter the house when you sleep, the security system will raise an alarm.

  • Install sirens outside the house. Their loud sound will attract the attention of neighbors when you are in danger, and will also warn about the danger of other residents of the quarter, the street.


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