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Top Tips for Christmas Holydays Safety.

Christmas comes once a year, and often that one opportunity is enough for burglars to take advantage of slack home security, with a supply of brand-new presents conveniently piled under the tree.

Over recent years, theft committed during Christmas have risen by more than 20%. With expensive gifts lying under the tree, along with empty houses and distracted homeowners, Christmas may be the best time for opportunistic burglars to strike and bag themselves some new gifts.

Luckily, we have some tips to help you keep your home safe and make your Christmas one to remember for all the right reasons.

How to safeguard your home over Christmas?

Tis the season to be jolly, with Christmas parties, dinners, and gifts for your loved ones. However, it is also a period to be extra cautious. After all, you don’t want a break-in at your home this Christmas. With this in mind, below we explain our top tips for safeguarding your home.

1. Keep gifts in a safe space While the most exciting thing about Christmas is gifts lying under the Christmas tree, it’s not the safest thing to do. Although it is a beautiful sight around Christmas time, if gifts can be seen from outside, it can attract opportunists. So, it is sensible to hold off putting them under the tree. Wait till Christmas Eve or early Christmas morning to lay out your gifts in order to reduce the risk of burglaries.

2. Keep your lights on

During the holiday season, whether you are doing some late-night Christmas shopping, visiting friends and family, always keep your lights on. If a burglar can see something they like from outside, they are more likely to break in if it looks like nobody’s home. A simple way to prevent this is to keep your Christmas lights on if your tree is in the window. To ensure that people from outside cannot see completely in the room, draw out your curtains carefully. When going out, you could keep your hallway and upstairs lights on, so it appears that someone is home.

3. Check your security system It’s best to upgrade your home security. Pay close attention to broken window locks and flimsy doors, and get repairs or new installations well in time for Christmas. CCTV and motion detectors are also a Great home security investment as they show opportunists that you are serious about home security.

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4. Don’t share everything on social media

If you have received an expensive present, resist the urge to share pictures on your social media. It is better to share such details with people you trust, take a look at your profile settings and see if you can restrict your sharing details on social media etc...

5. Safeguard your home while you’re away Some burglars do their homework before they commit the robbery. They might do this while you’re at work or away shopping or visiting loved ones. Having a good security

system in place at your apartment building or house could make all the difference. Burglars might try to break into your home, but a good security system will safeguard your home and spot things you miss with smart devices that can accurately monitor your home.

Christmas is a great time to celebrate, but staying safe should be of top priority. You can ensure your safety and your loved ones by taking advantage of the free site survey call 97801317 to give your family the gift of security this holiday season and using our safety tips. Have a great holiday season.

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