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  • With the MotionProtect Curtain detectors, you can secure the perimeter of your house and freely move indoors. If a stranger breaks in, the system will raise an alarm and call the security company
  • Burglars won't get through the garage door undetected when MotionProtect Curtain is in action. The curtain detector will continue to operate even if the temperature drops to -10°C
  • When installed correctly, MotionProtect Curtain keeps your private property safe and ignores the pets, even if they are Saint Bernards
  • To create MotionProtect Curtain, we’ve developed an optical system of two infrared sensors and a multifaceted mirror. This system allows the detector to receive twice as much information about what is going on in the protected area and instantly react to human presence
  • Whether the intruder is running or sneaking — MotionProtect Curtain is always on duty. As soon as they enter its field of view, the detector analyzes signals from both PIR sensors and immediately sends an alert
  • MotionProtect Curtain connects to the hub through radio communication at a distance of up to 1,700 meters. Jeweller, the proprietary two-way communication protocol protects data transmissions with advanced encryption. In case of interference or jamming, Ajax security system switches the frequency and alerts you and your dedicated alarm response company.



  • Classification : Radio-interlinked photoelectric security detector
  • Type of detector : Wireless
  • Motion detection distance : From 6 to 15 meters (depending on the device settings)
  • Installation method : Indoors only
  • Compatibility : Operates only with Hub, Hub Plus, Hub 2 and ReX
  • Sensing element : Two PIR sensors
  • Alarm signal delivery time : 0.15 seconds
  • Detection angles : Horizontally — 6° / Vertically — 90°
  • Sensitivity : Adjustable, 3 levels
  • Recommended installation height : 2.4 meters
  • Power supply : Battery: CR123A / Power supply voltage: 3 V
  • Battery life: up to 3 years
  • Jeweller radio technology : Communication range with detectors — up to 1,700 m in an open space / Two-way communication between devices
  • Operating frequencies :  868.0-868.6 MHz
  • Self-adjusting RF output power : up to 20 mW
  • Block encryption based on AES algorithm
  • Detector polling period — 12−300 s
  • Frequency hopping
  • Temperature sensor : Available
  • Operating temperature range : From −10°? to +40°?
  • Operating humidity : Up to 95%
  • Anti-sabotage : Fraud protection / Jamming notification / Tamper-resistant
  • Remote configuration and testing : +
  • Protection class : IP54
  • Dimensions : 134 × 44 × 34 mm
  • Weight : 118 g
  • Warranty : Replacement and repair for a period of 24 months from the date of sale. The warranty does not cover batteries

AJAX PIR MotionProtect Curtain White

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