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AJAX StarterKit Cam

Security system with visual alarm verifications

When alarm is triggered, AJAX StarterKit Cam notifies you and security company of your choice. Within less than 9 second you will receive a photo confirmation to take a look at what is going on in your house and decide if it was just a false alarm or you are actually getting robbed.


✅Setup scenarios for your convenience and daily routine

✅Three different communication types to stay online

✅Short videos to get better understanding of what is going on when alarm is triggered.


All of the activations of your system can be done with just a smartphone app. In case of power loss, Hub remain acive for some time due to built-in backup battery and can send notification without internet thanks to 2 SIM cards that he can maintain.

AJAX StarterKit Cam includes:

  • AJAX Hub 2
  • AJAX MotionCam
  • AJAX DoorProtect
  • AJAX SpaceControl

AJAX StarterKit Cam White - With Visual Alarm Verification

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