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✅Requires Security HomeBase 2 to operate

✅Smart Image Enhancement

✅Turn Night into Day

✅The Alerts that Matter

✅Smart Detection Zones

✅Storage You Can Trust

✅Military-Grade Encryption

✅Real-Time Response

✅Smart Integration

  • Picture Perfect Surveillance - Live-stream and record footage in crystal clear 1080p HD. The 135° diagonal field of view allows you to see exactly what is happening in and around your home.
  • Half-Year Security from 1 Charge - Avoid frequent trips to charge the battery and enjoy 180-day battery life from just one charge.
  • The Alerts That Matter - Human detection technology enables the camera to intelligently detect body shape and face pattern. Ensuring you are only alerted when a person, and not a stray cat, approaches.
  • Ready for Any Weather - With an IP67 weatherproof-rating, Anker Camera is built to withstand the elements.

Anker Cam 2C

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