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Wherever you are, you can keep an eye on your baby.  The baby monitor 1 went through countless developments and redesigns, as well as rigorous laboratory testing, before it went on sale.

A visually pleasing, comfortable and child-safe assistant that simplifies daily parenting tasks. Enjoy immediate notifications when your baby needs you or an important moment takes place. Let EZVIZ help make it a little easier to care for your new bundle of joy at any moment, day or night.

This cute and petite accessory harmonizes with any baby’s sleeping area. With non-toxic silicone with no sharp edges on the camera body, the Baby Monitor 1 is safe to use anywhere with little ones. With a 100% wire-free setup, the Baby Monitor 1 keeps curious tiny hands or walking toddlers away from dangerous cords.

You can easily clip the camera to the crib and adjust its bracket to find the best viewing angle to cover the crib. When your baby is having some fun, you can put the camera on any table, and the Baby Monitor 1 will watch over the whole large area with its wide-angle lens. When you need to spend some quality time in a vacation house or to stay over at the grandparents’, the Baby Monitor 1 can easily go with you.

We know parents all have bedtime battles. That’s why the Baby Monitor 1 was designed with great detail to protect those precious sleeping hours. The Baby Monitor 1 blends into the serene darkness, offering crystal clear night vision without upsetting baby’s sleep with any red or flashing lights. Baby Monitor 1 optimizes response time to detect your baby’s activities and alert you – even while ensuring all-night operation.

If you can’t reach the baby right away, the Baby Monitor 1 can be helpful. Upon detection of a crying sound, the monitor can auto-play soothing music to help calm them down. Also, parents can talk to their baby through the camera just as if they were by the baby’s side.

First words, first steps, every big smile…the Baby Monitor 1 ensures that you capture those unforgettable moments and store the memories safely.


  • Crying Detection

  • Out-of-Crib Alerts

  • Baby Activity Detection (Powered by human-shape algorithm)

  • Auto-Play Soothing Music

  • All-Night Battery (2,000 mAh)

  • Clear Night Vision Without Visible Red Light

  • View From Anywhere with 1080p FHD

  • Hear and Talk

  • Easy Setup

  • Supports MicroSD Cards (Up to 256 GB) & EZVIZ Cloud Storage

  • Strict Data & Privacy Protection


In the box

  • Camera

  • Bracket

  • USB Cable

  • Quick Start Guide

  • Quick Installation Guide

  • Regulatory Information


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