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AJAX Wireless KeyPad TouchScreen Black 
Wireless keypad with touch screen to control an Ajax system


Convenient Ajax system control
KeyPad TouchScreen combines security and smart home device management. An intuitive Ajax app-like interface and multiple language options make it an easy-to-use solution. The big display, DESFire and BLE technologies, and code options ensure a secure and efficient experience.

Security Management
Easily manage security for multiple groups. Users can view what's armed and make changes with just one touch whether it's securing one group, multiple groups, activating night mode, or arming facility. It's all simple and straightforward.

Smart Home Control
The keypad features a separate control tab for automation devices, with the capacity for up to 6 buttons. Groups simplify the process of controlling multiple automation devices: switches, relays, sockets, and others. For instance, users can assign all LightSwitches to one button and easily turn off all the lights in the entire house when they go to bed.

Sound and Malfunction notifications
Stay always informed with the built-in buzzer, receiving notifications about alarms, door openings, and entry/exit delays. PRO can effortlessly adjust the sound volume on a smartphone or PC. Remain one step ahead with the keypad's malfunction notifications during arming.

Three authentication methods
There are three easy ways to control the keypad, giving users the flexibility to choose what suits them best. All events display in the feed, including user activity and authentication details.

Contactless access devices
The Pass card and the Tag key fob are equipped with original DESFire® chips and feature the same functionality but different enclosures. You can choose the form that is convenient for you. One Tag or Pass can control 13 security systems. Access devices are sold separately in batches of 3/10/100 pieces.

Access for unregistered users
With a simple assignment of a personal access code in the hub settings, office employees, cleaning company staff, or other individuals enter the area with convenience at its finest.

Full protection in case of emergency
KeyPad TouchScreen provides a tab with configurable panic buttons that can notify about three event types. If the user is forced to disarm the system, they can use a duress code. It simulates disarming and simultaneously sends an alarm to the security company.

Big touch panel for easy system control. Keypad remains impeccable with scratch-resistant glass

Light sensor for automatic backlight adjustment — bright during the day, not dazzling at night. Proximity sensor for automatic keypad activation when a hand approaches

Buzzer impossible-to-ignore with different patterns to indicate an alarm, delay, or other event

Cards and key fobs reader for authentication when using Tag or Pass. BLE reader for authentication when using smartphone


Ajax KeyPad TouchScreen: the ultimate security & automation control panel

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