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100% wireless. It supports WiFi connection and is battery or solar powered.

✅Great visual experience is ensured by the dual-lens wide field of view, 2K 4MP super HD & color night vision. Even better, the on-camera smart technology offers accurate person/vehicle detection.

✅Equipped with dual lenses, this camera provides you with a wide 150° field of view with less distortion to protect your family. By controlling two displays at the same time, you have everything in view with no blind spots.

✅With 2K 4MP high resolution, Reolink Duo helps you get clearer and sharper images or videos. Discover more in greater clarity with this amazing cameraReolink Duo is equipped with the on-camera technology to analyze the shapes of people and vehicles, providing more accurate alerts.

✅Reolink Duo supports both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz (5.8 GHz) frequencies to ensure better performance for camera networking. Flexible to choose, easy to set up.

✅The powerful spotlights will be activated when movements are detected, preventing potential crimes by illuminating the scene.

✅Also real-time two-way communication allows you to orally warn off the unwelcome .

✅150° Viewing Angle*Person/Vehicle Detection.

✅2K 4MP Color Night Vision

✅Solar or Battery Powered.

Reolink DUO WiFi Dual Lens Outdoor Battery Camera 4MP

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