The Most Awarded State Of The Art Alarm System Is Available At Competitive Prices.

Ajax is a completely wireless, state of the art alarm system that is fully setup and controlled via the Ajax mobile app for Android and IOS devices. It’s never been easier to own an alarm system. The Ajax app turns your security system into one easy-to-manage device; arming and disarming with a few taps, turn appliances on before getting home, open gates and garage doors, control pool pumps, geysers and lights from anywhere in the world. Receive instant notifications directly to your mobile device and includes a GEO panic facility whereby the exact location of the panic will be displayed on a map.

Ajax detectors are state of the art and monitor for burglary, fire and flood. Due to the SmartDetect digital algorithm and multi factor detection models, the detectors accurately determine when an intrusion has occurred and filters false alarms.

Up to 50 users can be added to the system and different user privileges can be assigned for each user which is great for staff members, kids, house sitters even neighbors and family members living elsewhere even if just for the panic facility.

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Leaving your loved ones with a nanny other than yourself can be stressful, be it your young children or elderly parents, your pets or even your home to a new house help. Yet situations demand that we do, leaving us feeling anxious about what may be happening. In this article, we will address the uses of a Wifi IP camera and how could it help us monitoring our babies, kids, nannies, pets, etc., sitting in the office, at work.


Unlike CCTV cameras, IP cameras allow you to check in your home remotely by transmitting data through a computer network and the Internet.  IP cameras are the perfect solution for homes and businesses. The ability to view your footage in real-time from a remote location, 2 way communication, wide angles and motion sensors are just some of the reasons why IP cameras have surpassed the capabilities of CCTV cameras.
Installed within minutes by just syncing to an app on your smartphone, these are plug and play devices with immense capability. Available with a variety of features to suit your specific need, whether you need a  wide angle view or the ability to remotely pan and tilt, you are only one purchase away from securing your space and loved ones.

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